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This is the one I missed.

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Bolt-Action Gaming


Lee basically added a ton of Lua commands a while ago and I didn't even see it.


"Added 483 new LUA commands to the scripting system to support Player Control Mechanics
Added SetSurfaceIntensity, SetSurfaceSunFactor, SetGlobalSpecular, SetBrightness, SetContrast
Added SetPostBloom, SetPostLightRayLength, SetPostLightRayQuality, SetPostLightRayDecay
Added SetPostSAORadius, SetPostSAOIntensity, SetPostLensFlareIntensity
Added SetOptionReflection, SetOptionShadows, SetOptionLightRays, SetOptionVegetation, SetOptionOcclusion
Added SetCameraPanelDistance, SetCameraPanelFOV, SetCameraPanelZoomPercentage, SetCameraPanelWeaponFOV
Added SetTerrainLODNear, SetTerrainLODMid, SetTerrainLODFar, SetTerrainSize
Added SetVegetationQuantity, SetVegetationWidth, SetVegetationHeight"

... ugh, gonna be a long day.

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