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Bolt-Action Gaming


Looks like Lee's reading my blog, his update had a very similar format.


Right now there's also a pretty interesting set of discussions on the webforums on two topics that are near and dear to my heart with #gamedev:

First off, there's a good discussion going on Terrain Generation and modification externally:

In that thread we have actual source code on how the file for m.dat is output (m.dat is the map data found inside of the fpm file, which is really just a zip file using the password 'mypassword'). 
Apparently it's just a 1024x1024 array of floats, with a 00004000 metadata tag at the beginning.  There's a lot that can be done here.  Apparently game-guru does a lot of the actual interpolation/etc so it *SHOULD* smooth a significant amount of it between each floating point value. 

Then you have several AI related discussions:


Mostly centered around AI performance.  The big  issue is people are making 'hordes' of zombies and it's pooping out game-guru. Big surprise there.  Most AI is written as a singular entity and eats a lot of cycles.  Writing mob-based AI is completely different.  I might have to step in on this one though I'm really tremendously rusty on AI writing.  It'll be a lot of work.  But basically if I recall you kind of give each 'mob' zombie a sort of thin-client style AI where there's one main process and a bunch of minor processes.  The main process then controls the subprocesses.  You need functions for computing things such as the centroid (a fancy way of saying a central point they can all reach).  It's a big project, something that would eat a lot of cycles I don't have.

In other news, I got a request from a customer to add a timer or minute/time tracker.  It should effectively be easy enough to implement. I may actually go do that myself if given the time.

Some good stuff out there on the forums, which have generally died down due to a lack of interest from lack of obvious development - but definitely keep your eyes peeled.

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