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Unity Splash and The Guild

Timmmmmmmmmm.. T



That's right, I modded the Unity Splash screen.  The default one wasn't doing it for me.
I'll make a video on how to do this with your own image if there's any interest.

In other news, project Unleavened progressed a little.  There is a movable pawn that shifts gears, like a car.  The bulk of Unleavened will be driving.
I had planned to assign gearshifting to a button, like in pole position, but that was too unintuitive (and StickyKeys got in the way.)
Instead, I took influence from River Raid on Atari 2600.  If you drive into the top of the screen, you go faster.  If you drive into the bottom of the screen, you go slower.  
But instead of a momentary boost, the speed boost lasts until you downshift, but the screen will never stop scrolling.

I am now president of the MU Game Design Guild.
I have planned all our meetings since last semester, and this semester attendance shot up from ~7 to ~18 people per meeting.

THE KEY: Announce it in classes, so that people are guaranteed to know about it.  Also, promise them development experience.

Meetings are tough to plan, because we gamify everything.  We have done one design challenge and two programming challenges.

Card Game Jam: Make a card game.  Write the rules.  Other teams play it from your rules.
    Iteration: You can revise the rules between rounds of playtesting.

C++ Challenge: Write a simple calculator with as few ; as possible.
    Record: 1 semicolon, after the meeting.  During the meeting, it got down to 3.

ComBots Challenge - We had a tournament using this: http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/comBOTS.html
    Lots of chances for iteration since each team could make 3 ComBots.

As el presidente, I will be kind to the people of Tropico.

Long live the Guild!


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