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Forest Strike - Dev Blog #7 + Pre Alpha



Hi there,

it's been another week since the last Dev Blog. This one is very special, because I released the first Pre Alpha of Forest Strike.

Pre Alpha

Forest Strike - Pre Alpha

The main goal is to gather as much feedback as possible. The version covers the basics like a title screen, basic settings, a character selection, basic gameplay features and explosions of course.

Here is a link to the Download on IndieDB with basic information.

New Features

Improved shadows

Forest Strike - Improved shadows

I improved the shadows quite a bit. They are now more "solid" as you can see. Also, the shadows on top of the stone blocks are shifted by the height of the block to create the illusion of depth.

New GUI buttons

Forest Strike - New GUI buttons

This week I reworked the GUI buttons for the title screen and the character selection. They are more readable and provide a nice "click" sound as you hover over them. Additionally, I but the copyright stuff on the title screen.


Forest Strike - Death animations

Currently, I am working on the "death" animations. Actually, the characters shall be unconscious and a hook will pick them up.

Forest Strike - Stone particles

There are stone particles if you destroy a stone. They will fly around and decrease the speed every step.

Forest Strike - Sound Files

Something you never recognized on my GIFs, the game was completely silent. Now I am including a few tracks and sound effects. They may be replaced in future.

The music comes from gamedevmarked.net since I was mainly focusing on the graphics. Maybe, a few of my own tracks will find their place in Forest Strike.


That's it for this update. Thank you for reading! :D

As always, if you have questions or any kind of feedback feel free to post a comment or contact me directly.


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There was an issue when starting the game. Maybe, some of you had the problem as well.

The problem was, that the language of the OS was loaded on startup. Usually, there should have been a fallback to English, if a language was not yet supported. The fallback did not work accordingly, causing the game to crash.

This issue is fixed now and the new Pre Alpha version is available (same download link). The current version is now

Enjoy the game :)

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