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    • By UnificationIndeed
      Its almost 4 AM in here, i am foreigner who lives in south Korea, married and i have also a stable job. i live in Seoul, and i am looking for a serious group that willing to design and develop a game as a hobby. I am kinda dead serious about it. I made a game but its far form being finished, because lack of ideas and code lines.
      I am looking for group of friends who live in south Korea and are willing to sit down, have a coffee, discuss ideas, and start bringing these ideas to life. (Online, Offline, card or mobile) game. I am good with Unity3d, and a good painter and illustrator, furthermore experienced with WACOM tabs. 
      Many games started from a garage by a small groups of developers, and now they reached the sky with their dreams and ideas. Please contact me or comment here, if your passion fall in this direction.
      Here is couple of screenshots of the project i am working on. called "chronicles of SORFIA" 

    • By DVeNom
      Hello, my name is Sean, and I and my friends are putting together a team to create an Open-World RPG. As of right, it's all volunteer work. As we are wanting in the future that it will turn into something that people will want and love. If so all the people who volunteered will see their fair share. Even if this volunteer work it's also a great chance to show your skills and learn from other volunteers who joined the project. It's a chance to increase your resume on what you learned and what you have improved.
       The concept of the game is an RPG. I'm taking inspiration from games like Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Destiny, and Fabled. While still creating something new and refreshing. We are creating the lore from beginning to end. This game will be story driven along with multiplayer components. There will be objectives to do every week to keep you coming back. I'm going for a rich narrative to have the players really get into the world that we are creating. There will be Dungeons, Raids, PvP, World Events, and Seasonal Events to have players always wanting more. 
      What I have
      Concept Artists, 3D Modelers, Level Designers, SFX Artists, Composer, Writers, Programmers, and a Web Designer.
      Volunteering Needs
      - Programmers
      Looking for Programmers who have the ability to program graphics, gameplay, audio, clan systems, Professions, Missions, etc. Needs to know BP or C++. Prefer knowing both. Trying to reduce the load on the current programmers.
      3D Modelers:
      Needing extra hands for 3D artists to reduce the load on the current modelers. Needing people who are able to model concept art and possibly create their own. I'm going for a more Fabled style graphics.
      If you are interested you can send me an email with your application including a sample of work at ssingl2583@my.sullivan.edu with ”RPG” as the Subject. Or you can message me on discord and my GT is D4ddy VeNom#3970. If anyone has any questions you can just message me below or the given email/discord.
      Here is some of our progress.
    • By RoKabium Games
      On Aura you can find the Track Ray fossilized bones usually split up in 6 parts. This extinct reptile was incredibly colourful and was one of the largest land animals ever to have inhabited this cold planet. It is speculated that the thick feathers and scales were good insulators for the cold and the colour was most likely a display to attract mates.
    • By Mutantgun
      Hi Everyone,
      Hopefully all of this makes sense at the end, but if you need anymore clarification please let me know.
      Background: My MMORPG is a sword playstyle based game, where players need to complete a dungeon at the end of each floor to be able to progress to the next. (Players can go back to lower floors / Specific floors will have specific resources needed for crafting as to give players a reason to go back / Player skill progression will also require them to do specific quests/tasks on specific floors, again giving them reason to go back)
      Inspiration: Sword Art Online (Anime) - Aincrad game that the players were stuck in
      My map progression issue is this: I'm split between having all players locked to a specific floor until they/or the party they are in, completes the dungeon, then those players unlock the next floor OR if as soon as a party clears the floors dungeon and unlocks the next floor, that floor is unlocked for everyone on the server.
      I'm going to split these into options 1 (Individual Progression) and 2 (Server Progression).
      Option 1:
      Allows the more dedicated/end-game player base to progress at a faster pace. Allows for end-game guilds to form and recruit from a more end-game player pool, I.e. Players from that specific floor Allows end-game players to sell their services to help newer players to progress through the lower floors Drawbacks:
      Possibility of new players being stuck in lower floors as there might not be good enough players left on those floors to help them make a party and progress through the dungeon ? Option 2:
      Allows new players to skip floor progression to be with their friends that have progressed further in the game ? Drawbacks:
      Players will be on floors where they might not be able to survive or complete solo content because of their lack of skill, items, game knowledge Complains from new players saying the content is too difficult, as they are skipping floors New/lower player base will essentially just be waiting on the end-game players to finish the new floor unlocking it for the rest of the server, basically letting them sponge off of the top players progress After typing all of this out it's starting to become more clear cut as to which option I should take, but I'd like to check with the community here as I'm sure there are other benefits/drawbacks that I'm missing that might change my view of things.
    • By vivek soni
      Hi guys,
      i am trying to implement a simple font renderer using bitmap font texture with a dynamic vertex buffer, i am  able to successfully display text with correct glyph from bitmap texture.
      right now i am trying to draw a dynamic string that changes at user input, i.e user able change the displayded text by typing the new one.
      The issue is that  length of string is exactly same as what it was initialized with even when updating string at every render frame. string gets updated every fram but is capped at length equal to what is was initialized with.
      i am suspecting that vertexBufferDesc.ByteWidth is not getting updated even when i update vertexbuffer by map and unmap it.
      bool GlyphClass::Initialize(ID3D11Device* device, HWND hwnd, int screenWidth, int screenHeight, WCHAR* path) { bool result; m_GlyphWidthData.open("Font/AgencyFBFont_64x64_width.txt"); while (1) { if (m_GlyphWidthData.eof()) { break; } int tmp = 0; m_GlyphWidthData >> tmp; if (tmp != 0) { m_GlyphWidth.push_back(tmp); } } m_GlyphWidthData.close(); m_GlyphCharacter = 'A'; m_StringToDraw = "TEXTTEST@xyz";//userInputString != "" ? userInputString : "VIVEK599 xyz"; m_fontTextureShader = new TextureShaderClass; if (!m_fontTextureShader) { return false; } result = m_fontTextureShader->Initialize(device, hwnd); if (!result) { MessageBox(hwnd, L"Could not initialize font texture shader object!", L"Error", MB_OK); return false; } m_ScreenWidth = screenWidth; m_ScreenHeight = screenHeight; result = InitializeBuffers(device); if (!result) { return false; } result = LoadTexture(device, path); if (!result) { return false; } return true; } updatebuffer
      bool GlyphClass::UpdateBuffers(ID3D11DeviceContext* context, int posX, int posY) { m_StringToDraw = userInputString != "" ? userInputString : "STRING 555@xyz0123456789"; VertexType* vertices; D3D11_MAPPED_SUBRESOURCE mappedResource; VertexType* vertexPtr; HRESULT hr; vertices = new VertexType[m_VertexCount * m_StringToDraw.length()]; if (!vertices) { return false; } // Initialize vertex array to zeros at first. memset(vertices, 0, sizeof(VertexType) * m_VertexCount * m_StringToDraw.length() ); float posXOffset = (float)posX; float posYOffset = (float)posY; for ( int i = 0; i < m_StringToDraw.length(); i++ ) { int cx = m_StringToDraw[i] % 16; int cy = m_StringToDraw[i] / 16; float tex_left = (float)cx * (1.f / 16.f); float tex_top = (float)cy * (1.f / 16.f); float tex_right = tex_left + (1.f / 16.f) * ((float)m_GlyphWidth[m_StringToDraw[i]] / 64.f); float tex_bottom = tex_top + (1.f / 16.f); int totalCharWidth = 64; float left = (float)((float)(m_ScreenWidth / 2.f) * -1) + posXOffset; float right = left + (float)m_GlyphWidth[m_StringToDraw[i]]; float top = (float)(m_ScreenHeight / 2.f) - posYOffset; float bottom = top - (float)totalCharWidth; //triangle 1 - clockwise vertices[0 + m_VertexCount * i].position = Vector3(left, top, 0.f); vertices[0 + m_VertexCount * i].texture = Vector2(tex_left, tex_top); vertices[1 + m_VertexCount * i].position = Vector3(right, bottom, 0.f); vertices[1 + m_VertexCount * i].texture = Vector2(tex_right, tex_bottom); vertices[2 + m_VertexCount * i].position = Vector3(left, bottom, 0.f); vertices[2 + m_VertexCount * i].texture = Vector2(tex_left, tex_bottom); //triangle + i 2 vertices[3 + m_VertexCount * i].position = Vector3(left, top, 0.f); vertices[3 + m_VertexCount * i].texture = Vector2(tex_left, tex_top); vertices[4 + m_VertexCount * i].position = Vector3(right, top, 0.f); vertices[4 + m_VertexCount * i].texture = Vector2(tex_right, tex_top); vertices[5 + m_VertexCount * i].position = Vector3(right, bottom, 0.f); vertices[5 + m_VertexCount * i].texture = Vector2(tex_right, tex_bottom); posXOffset += m_GlyphWidth[m_StringToDraw[i]]; } hr = context->Map(m_VertexBuffer, 0, D3D11_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, 0, &mappedResource); if (FAILED(hr)) { return false; } vertexPtr = (VertexType*)mappedResource.pData; int bufferSize = sizeof(VertexType) * m_VertexCount * m_StringToDraw.length(); memcpy(vertexPtr, (void*)vertices, bufferSize); D3D11_BUFFER_DESC tmpDesc; m_VertexBuffer->GetDesc(&tmpDesc); context->Unmap(m_VertexBuffer, 0); delete[] vertices; vertices = 0; return true; }  
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