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    • By Nilmani Gautam
      In this video we will learn to select the object an perform action to the object
    • By congard
      Hello! When I implemented SSR I encountered the problem of artifacts.
      Screenshots here
      #version 330 core uniform sampler2D normalMap; // in world space uniform sampler2D colorMap; uniform sampler2D reflectionStrengthMap; uniform sampler2D positionMap; // in world space uniform mat4 projection, view; uniform vec3 cameraPosition; in vec2 texCoord; layout (location = 0) out vec4 fragColor; void main() { mat4 vp = projection * view; vec3 position = texture(positionMap, texCoord).xyz; vec3 normal = texture(normalMap, texCoord).xyz; vec4 coords; vec3 viewDir = normalize(position - cameraPosition); vec3 reflected = reflect(viewDir, normal); float L = 0.5; vec3 newPos; for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { newPos = position + reflected * L; coords = vp * vec4(newPos, 1.0); coords.xy = 0.5 + 0.5 * coords.xy / coords.w; newPos = texture(positionMap, coords.xy).xyz; L = length(position - newPos); } float fresnel = 0.0 + 2.8 * pow(1 + dot(viewDir, normal), 4); L = clamp(L * 0.1, 0, 1); float error = (1 - L); vec3 color = texture(colorMap, coords.xy).xyz; fragColor = mix(texture(colorMap, texCoord), vec4(color, 1.0), texture(reflectionStrengthMap, texCoord).r); } I will be grateful for help!
    • By Feirx
      Current Project
      -Over the Shoulder/3rd person
      -Steampunk/Medieval aesthetic
      -Co-op (2 Player story line)
      Calling all content creators and programmers of any skill and experience level to join the team. Please be at least 16+ years of age. Artist(s) NEEDED (Unspecific; 3D Models, Concept Art, Animation, Ads, Graphic Design, ...)*
      *Artist(s), We currently do not have any art styles set. We are looking for an original artist to set the art style for our production. This is a big opportunity.

      Feel free to ask questions. I am super excited to get started and meet some new people.

      Comment or message me for Discord server invitation.
    • By Nilmani Gautam
      Welcome every one from this section we are going to develop a new 3D game Cube Race
    • By DexterZ101
      Hello all,
      I have made a simple shadow map shader with a minimal problem on my implementation, I know there's something missing that it draw on polygon not facing the light while it should not, since my shader knowledge on available functions is limited I cannot spot the problem, I put this on DX11 HLSL tag though GLSL and any hints, tips is appreciated and welcome  ^_^y

      IMAGE :

      // Shadow color applying //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //*>> Pixel position in light space // float4 m_LightingPos = mul(IN.WorldPos3D, __SM_LightViewProj); //*>> Shadow texture coordinates // float2 m_ShadowTexCoord = 0.5 * m_LightingPos.xy / m_LightingPos.w + float2( 0.5, 0.5 ); m_ShadowTexCoord.y = 1.0f - m_ShadowTexCoord.y; //*>> Shadow map depth // float m_ShadowDepth = tex2D( ShadowMapSampler, m_ShadowTexCoord ).r; //*>> Pixel depth // float m_PixelDepth = (m_LightingPos.z / m_LightingPos.w) - 0.001f; //*>> Pixel depth in front of the shadow map depth then apply shadow color // if ( m_PixelDepth > m_ShadowDepth ) { m_ColorView *= float4(0.5,0.5,0.5,0); } // Final color //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ return m_ColorView;  

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