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Unity Profiles

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Around Ludum Dare #38, I came across two great portfolio tools: Unity Connect and Itch.IO. The combination of the two can help your Unity portfolio grow overnight.  The general idea, is that Itch.io has a great system for uploading and sharing WebGL games (and other downloadable forms), and that Unity Connect has a great system for sharing projects over all.

itchio-black.png                       lqsfea52djsx.png
We'll start with the basics.  You need WebGL Samples of your unity work.  try looking through any old sample that shows something.  It doesn't need to be complete.  You can take a failed game idea that successfully shows working with changing gravity, and cut everything but that gravity feature away.  
Then build to WebGL and upload to Itch.io.  (its uploaded in private mode so you can test before releasing)
2 key instructions:  1) set Itch's project type to HTML to get the WebGL option later in the page and 2) upload a zip of the WebGL Build folder created from your Unity project.  It will figure out the zip structure.    

Next, with the game live and playable, add a new project in Unity Connect.  Add a thumbnail, and have a separate thumbnail for the WebGL playable.  (I.e. something that says 'play now' or similar on it.)  Add any other content, and be sure to describe it for what it is.  Was it a Proof of Concept, where you are focused on one key element?  Was it a starter test project?  Is it actually released somewhere?  Is this just level 1 of a larger pay project?  Is this part of Steam Greenlight?

The more items you have on Unity Connect, the more your profile will stand out.  Keep it up.

You are welcome to connect to me on Connect or Itch.io.

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