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Week #06 - First gameplay view



First showcase of a gameplay feature

Comic book dialogue bubble

One of our key feature to give a soul to this game and to translate the origin of the story into the game is to introduce visual and philosophical concept being a cartoon book. You develop a special relation between you and the main character of a book, your brain create this inner voice you use to talk with them or to make them talk to you. This relation make reading those book fun and amusing and we wish our game preserve a bit of that.

  1. The comic bubbles will allow the heroes to talk to you
  2. It will give precious information about the action taking place in the current level
  3. It will allow the heroes to talk to himself, reacting to the world around him (threat, object, living creature, etc)
  4. It will allow the heroes to share their emotion (angry, scared, amused, etc.)
  5. It will allow interaction between you and the world through tutorial
  6. It will allow story moment, where reaching certain area achieve certain stuff will trigger dialogue and story information
  7. It will also give visual representation of sound inside the game (the typical BAM you expect from a book)
  8. It will give you important information about your game session, like low health warning (because there are no health bar in the game !)

Please have a look at our video and tell us what you think. Keep in mind it's still in development and rough right now and that all the visual you see are mostly place holder. Everything has to be tweak but it give you a really good idea of stuff that can happen. I think it's a fun way to introduce text and to introduce interaction differently. All graphic are unfinished of course

Episode 06 - have a look of the bubble in action



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Interesting approach!  I like the speech bubble idea. :)


For placeholders, your assets are actually pretty good, maybe just a little mismatched.

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12 hours ago, jbadams said:

Interesting approach!  I like the speech bubble idea. :)


For placeholders, your assets are actually pretty good, maybe just a little mismatched.

Thanks ! It was a challenge to get a good pop effect of the bubble when it appear and disappeared. There still improvement to come to cover various camera position like when you zoom in. I wish to hear more about the mismatch as having a final results to feel uniform is important to me. At this point many stuff doesn't make sense like the vegetation choice. Zoile is halfway done I would say. Suit and texture and his gun will make a huge difference

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