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Crystal Dissention Feb 2018 Update

Gunner Gaming Studio


Hi all,

Haven't updated here in a while, been busy with full time job i'm sure other aspiring developers know about that.  Just wanted to update some progress of the last few weeks.  For almost a year now we've been building assets for this game such as scripts, sprites, backgrounds, menus etc.  We just recently started putting all of those together.  We started out using the images we've already been showing to create an intro/tutorial section to the game.  This consists of an intro text scene that we've displayed before, and a few training sections: movement/jumping, basic attacks on an easy foe, strong attacks on an easy foe, and ends in some dialogue(cutscene?) that sets you up to start on your adventure.  

Unfortunately this means we exhausted what we've built so far so we had to start building new stuff.  Attached below is a new preview of how we make a layered tile background.  We can turn layers on or off depending on if we want walls on either side, an entrance/exit (door from earlier backgrounds, or path in image below) and is set up so we can lay them side by side seamlessly.  The first actual area is gonna be somewhat short and basic as you are playing without any of the colored powers yet, so only basic melee attacks against select few foes who will be rather simple to beat.  Hope you like the image, none of us are artists so we're patting ourselves on the back for it.

Thanks for any support, look out for future updates!



Gunner Gaming Studio

www.gunnergamingstudio.com (temp redirect as we work on site more)




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It can be hard to find time!

Exciting that you're starting to put things together! :)

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