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Dimins V2018.2

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This is a pretty small update focusing on UI and abilities.

I added some basic UI:


It's all working off of a fairly simple UI system, all transitions are handled by transition components and all view controllers handle specific aspects. Essentially all of the view containers here (The inventory and potraits) are a small amount of C# code:

public class UIPortraitContainerView : UIBaseContainerView<UIPortraitView, MinionData>

This base class handles displaying a collection of model data (In this case MinionData) inside a list of UIPortraitView components. It also handles dragging items around to re-order and pooling the views. Then the views themselves (UIPortraitView) handles any specifics (I.e clicking on the portrait shows\hides the stats of that minion) and initialising\updating from the model.

I also went ahead and fixed a lot of abilities, here is Scratch and Spark.


and here is Ember and Rock Throw


My next step is to improve combat in the following ways:

  • Change to a timer based, action point turn based combat system
    • The basic idea is minions will have speed
    • They will also have a pool of abilities (Starting with 4 at level 1-5)
    • Each turn will happen based on each minions speed and any initiatives
    • Each turn a minions action points will be replenished
    • Each ability will cost a certain number of action points
    • Optionally: You get a random draw of 3 abilities every turn.
  • Add status effects
    • Stun\Sleep (Each turn is skipped for x turns)
    • DoT (Every time a turn starts it does damage for x turns)
    • Stat increase\decrease (increase\decrease stat for x turns (Can't go to 0)
    • Stoned (Speed is 0, no turns get hit so no DoT and no moves)

Here is the build: Dimins_2018.2.zip

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