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PC Devlog #4 - Kamikaze and Electroshock



Hello everyone,

The game received a major update in the past 2 weeks. Now there are 2 new enemy types and 3 new weapons for the player. Also the game now has gamepad support, camera shake and lens distortion at high speed, info panels for player's ammo and health, replenishments of ammo and health which drop from exploded enemies.

Kamikaze and Electroshock are 2 new enemies which player will meet in the rooms and tunnels. The first one chases the player till collision and then explodes, the second one - hits the player with electric shock from a short distance. Here's how they look:


Player's weapon arsenal has been improved with rockets for the right gun and 2 new weapons for the left gun. Next are screenshots showing all the above in action:



Updated gameplay video is coming soon!



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When are you planning on releasing a playable demo?  or have you already?

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I haven't decided yet. I only can say that I plan to release the game on Steam in spring 2018. 

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How much are you thinking of selling it for?  I only ask because I have a figure in my head I'd be willing to pay to try it out.

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Currently 4$ , but it can be different on the release.  

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On 07/03/2018 at 10:33 PM, JohnyBGooD said:

Currently 4$ , but it can be different on the release.  

I like it, I had $5 bucks in my head, hahaha.  I'll buy it.  Let me know when it releases.   Send me a message if you're not blogging.

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