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7DRL Challenge 2018



Hello, world!

Long time no see! But - as there is a new opportunity to extend/alter my "1 Room Demon Slayer" game, I want to make sure that I keep everyone up-to-date. Basically, the 7DRL Challenge 2018 has just started, and I do want to remake my original game during that time.

My idea is to keep the current implementation of movement/action points (similar to the one present in new XCOM games), and also introduce a basic concept of cover - meaning that the percent to hit will depend whether there are any objects blocking the line of fire.

To make stuff more interesting, I want to give the player the control upon not one, but two characters - so that flanking tactics might become available.

I also plan to change the general gameplay mechanic - currently the player needs to kill the demon,  which can only spawn when lower-tier enemies merge themselves into it. The new mechanism will be about destroying a static object in the room, while keeping your characters alive.

Anyway, because I will only have 7 days - here's the list of changes I want to make:

  1. Introduce new graphics, possibly animated ones
  2. Introduce two player-controlled characters.
  3. Dumb-down the ammo mechanic to the same approach that was present in XCOM (the player simply needs to reload a weapon after X shots; there will be no ammo items/drops in the game)
  4. Introduce "crates": tiles that are not passable, but ranged attacks are possible through them.
  5. Introduce % to hit mechanics. 95% is the base value. 0% if path is obstructed. 50% is the path goes through a "crate" that the target is next to.
  6. Remove the mechanics of merging the enemies from low tier into upper tier; alter the enemy spawning mechanics so that enemies of different tier can be spawned
  7. [nice-to-have] randomize the level creation

The list is actually pretty long, considering that I will be only working in my spare time - and I definitely do not have too much of it.

I will make sure to post daily progress on my blog, so stay tuned!


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