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Mobile Game Reviews: Let's Talk MapleStory M

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I'm a man on a Mobile Gaming Quest (MGQ) to play a new mobile game every day, documenting my first impressions here and on YouTube. Below is the latest episode. Here's a quick overview of all games I've covered so far.

The mobile version beta of Maple Story ended Tuesday, but I had a chance to play it for a few days. And oh wow is there a lot to say about this game!

The short version is that at a whopping 2GB size, it's a fully-fledged 60 frames per second 2D platformer MMORPG, with guilds, raids, auto systems (it's 2018 after all), and a huge map. The game looks stunning and runs smooth as butter.

Being a Nexon game, it is sadly very monetized, with several unfair advantages available through IAPs, such as auto battle (you get 2 hours per day for free). 

Despite this, I could see this game being great fun to play with a couple of friends in a guild, as the raids and instances seem decently interesting. 

My thoughts on MapleStory M:

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexon.maplem.global
iOS: Beta

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