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Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge - Part 1 - Idea and Alien Graphic



This is my first entry on GameDev, and I wanted to talk about some ideas for the Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge here on GameDev! But before I start, just some background for those that haven't seen me around on the forums. I've been programming for around 18 years now in various languages, and also have a strong passion for creating music, and digital graphics.

In order to complete this challenge, certain requirements have been set:

Game Requirements

  • 2+ player board - Choose one or more games modes - local multiplayer, networked multiplayer, and/or AI players
  • Team play? Vs play? Both? You decide.
  • The game must have:
    • Start screen
    • Player selection
    • Score system for appropriate mode (winner in Vs mode or team total in Team mode)
    • Sound effects
    • Graphics representative and capturing the spirit of a Pac-man clone
    • One or more levels
  • Gameplay mechanics and mazes in the spirit of Pac-man - the game does not need to be an exact clone in graphics or gameplay, but it should demonstrate inspiration from Pac-man. The idea is to create multiplayer Pac-man gameplay.

Art Requirements

  • The game may be in 2D or 3D
  • Players must be clearly identified

So far I've decided on a space theme. Everything will stay true to the Pac-Man game play style, however I will be using my own assets that I will create just for this challenge. My idea was to have a space robot going through a Pac-Man style maze while being chased by four alien creatures. Your objective is to collect the power orbs in place of the traditional Pac-Dots. There will also be nova mines that will trigger and temporally freeze the aliens.

Due to time constraints I'm going to be sticking to a 2D version with local multiplayer, and possibly an AI teammate as well.

I've made a 3D concept for the alien design, and I will be converting this to a sprite sheet for the game.



I'm hoping to finish the main robot within a day or two, then I can complete menu graphics, and level assets.

Since I'm very tight on time, I will look for free to use music and sound effects to add into this project.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully my next update will be soon!


If you're interested in participating in this challenge, click the link below for more details. 



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