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Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge - Part 2 - Robot (Player)





Welcome to Part 2 of my Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge series. In Part 1 I went over the basic idea, and the alien who replaces the ghosts seen in your standard Pac-Man game. This small robot seen above will be controlled by the player in place of Pac-Man on your journey to collect all the power orbs. I didn't have a lot of time to work on the concept, and it's a pretty rough model and texturing job. Essentially the robot is metal with a visor, and plastic on top, with plastic "fins" on the sides and back. I added some scratches and dirt as well. 

In part 3 I'm hoping to get a simple level concept, then program in the first level for the following blog entries.

If you missed Part 1, check it out: 



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Your "rough model" is better than I could do! :)

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9 hours ago, jbadams said:

Your "rough model" is better than I could do! :)

Thank you for the comment. I'm looking forward to completing this challenge as I missed the Missile Command one! :D

I really wish I had enough time to make it full 3D, but maybe for another challenge in future.

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