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Does the  State-Puffed Marshmallow man makes an appearance?

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    • By JustHusk
      Hi there,
      So i'm an inexperienced student learning games dev at college and im studying c#, in my spare time im trying to work on a text adventure game with a narrative. My issue is that i dont know how to make the decisions, well not simply anyhow.
      I could write out 50 variables for each decision to read from the player but that would become very tedious and too messy to even comprehend when im adding content. I was thinking of adding functions to hold each decision or area but im at a lack of knowledge on how to jump to a function or if it's even a good solution. I know i could use an array and each decision be a number but that just doesn't seem like a good solution to me either.
      Any advice would be appreciated and this whole topic might sound dumb to a professional so be understanding please haha.
    • By jb-dev
      This is a nicer version of the spa room, plants included!
    • By gdarchive
      Duplicate your mesh. Apply flat black material for the outline. Select your duplicated model and reverse its Normal direction.  'Face normals' are the direction a face is pointing/rendering. Next, we turn on backface culling.  'Backfaces' are the sides of faces that are pointing away from the normal direction. Change your move manipulator to move based on normal direction.  Then scale the mesh outwards. You can use a shader to do this but you will often get issues at corners where the faces diverge.
      Be mindful of your poly count since you're basically doubling it.  If you're working super low-poly though it's all good!
      Note: This tutorial was originally published on the author's website, and is reproduced here with kind permission.  Check out Brendan's ArtStation and Twitter accounts for portfolio and other tutorials.
    • By Ordnas
      Rocky Knight
      Rocky Knight is a Beat 'em up prototype game developed by Alessandro "Ordnas" Capriolo.  

      Featuring the beautiful 3D fantasy assets from Synty Studios, and the music scored by Aaron Krogh, 
      Rocky Knight builds upon a classic gameplay with a fresh story and dangerous boss fights 
      inspired by the arcade-style from the 90' like Double Dragon, Knights of the Round and Final Fight. If you liked this game follow me on Twitter:


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