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7DRL 2018: Demon Slayers, day 2

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Hello again!

7DRL 2018 progress on "Demon Slayers" so far:

  1. [~50% done] Introduce new graphics, possibly animated ones
  2. [done] Introduce two player-controlled characters
  3. [done] Dumb-down the ammo mechanic to the same approach that was present in XCOM (the player simply needs to reload a weapon after X shots; there will be no ammo items/drops in the game)
  4. Introduce "crates": tiles that are not passable, but ranged attacks are possible through them.
  5. Introduce % to hit mechanics. 95% is the base value. 0% if path is obstructed. 50% is the path goes through a "crate" that the target is next to.
  6. [done] Remove the mechanics of merging the enemies from low tier into upper tier; alter the enemy spawning mechanics so that enemies of different tier can be spawned
  7. [new] pure melee-type and pure ranged-type enemies
  8. (nice-to-have) randomize the level creation

I managed to spend a few hours on the game, and I've simplified the ammo mechanics. Now basically the player has 3 ammo points. After three shots, the player needs to reload, which simply takes an action, but does not require any ammo items.

What is more, the enemies themselves are now able to shoot the player characters! I need to make sure that there are different types of enemies - maybe one pure melee type, and another one that only uses ranged attacks. I have added this feature into the scope. Well, that's feature creep, I guess. And the time is running out :(

Also, I played around with the interface a little (the text is now displayed on mouse hover), but I don't think it will stay this way. Anyway, here a gameplay gif:


Now, the next thing will definetely be that cover system!

Take care!

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