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Gameplay Devlog #5 - Toxic Mode




The fifth devlog is a video demonstration of my experiment with post processing filters. I found the following result interesting, it can be an option in the main menu - the player can choose how his gameplay process will look. It looks completely different from the standard pixelated mode. 

Here is the video:



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I personally think it looks awesome.  Maybe better than the original pixely look.

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      You train a dog from zero, teaching it a number of commands, based on some kind of neural network. You then are able to take on "real-world" missions in various fields, such as police, and search and rescue. You get bonuses for your performance in each mission, which allow you to purchase different upgrades.

      My primary issue is the appearance of the words "neural network". But if I remove that, I don't really see any gameplay left... I guess I don't see a lot of gameplay, in general, beyond getting the dog to do what you want. Uh, I suppose it's time to stop with scribbling and get to prototyping?

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      I wish to generate light map textures for objects in my scene containing ambient occlusion and global illumination.

      Currently I can do this in 3D Max, but it is taking too long on my single computer for this to be feasible. 

      Does anyone know any rendering farms that supports this (light baking)? I checked "Rebusfarm" and they did not support this feature.

      Any help appreciated,
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      Tired of working on games that never get released? Then you're at the right place!
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      - You are 18+ years old (Legal contract reasons)
      Big plusses (NOT REQUIRED):
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      - You have a degree in your field.
      Notice that if you don't have a solid portfolio, you will be tested by creating a chess game. We will provide you the board, pieces and textures. You will "only" have to write the code. There is no AI / singleplayer programming.
      The payment for the project is revenue share. This will be our first game to release on Steam and therefore we are currently all working for free. When the game is released on Steam, payment will be divided between each member as promised in the contract you will sign before working on the game.
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      And you can add me on Discord;
      Thank you, and see you later!
    • By chevluh
      I'm trying to offset the depth value of all pixels written by a HLSL pixel shader, by a constant view-space value (it's used in fighting games like Guilty gear and Street Fighter V to simulate 2d layering effects. I wish to do something similar). The projection matrix is generated in sharpdx using a standard perspective projection matrix (PerspectiveFOVLH, which makes a matrix similar to the one described at the bottom there).
      My pixel shader looks like this
      struct PSoutput { float4 color: SV_TARGET; float depth: SV_DEPTH; }; PSoutput PShaderNormalDepth(VOutColorNormalView input) { PSoutput output; output.color = BlinnPhong(input.color, input.normal, input.viewDirection); output.depth = input.position.z; //input.position's just the standard SV_POSITION return output; } This one gives me the exact same results as before I included depth output. Given a view space offset value passed in a constant shader, how do I compute the correct offset to apply from there?
      EDIT: I've been stuck on this for weeks, but of course a bit after I post it I figure it out, after reading this.
      So, with a standard projection in clip space position.z really contains D = a * (1/z)+b where b and a are elements 33 and 43 of the projection matrix and z is view space depth. This means the view space depth can be computed with z = a/(D-b).
      So to add a given view space depth offset in the pixel shader, you do this:
      float trueZ = projectionMatrix._43 / (input.position.z - projectionMatrix._33); output.depth = projectionMatrix._43 / (trueZ + zOffset) + projectionMatrix._33;

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