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7DRL 2018: Demon Slayers, days 3-6

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7DRL 2018 progress on "Demon Slayers" so far:

  1. [~90% done] Introduce new graphics, possibly animated ones
  2. [done] Introduce two player-controlled characters
  3. [done] Dumb-down the ammo mechanic to the same approach that was present in XCOM (the player simply needs to reload a weapon after X shots; there will be no ammo items/drops in the game)
  4. [done] Introduce "crates": tiles that are not passable, but ranged attacks are possible through them.
  5. [done] Introduce % to hit mechanics. 85% is the base value. 0% if path is obstructed. 50% is the path goes through a "crate" that the target is next to.
  6. [done] Remove the mechanics of merging the enemies from low tier into upper tier; alter the enemy spawning mechanics so that enemies of different tier can be spawned
  7. [done] pure melee-type and pure ranged-type enemies
  8. [done] randomize the level creation

Well, that was quite a long time with no update... but I did manage to create a lot!

I spent a lot of time to implement the cover mechanism. Even though it is working exactly as I wanted it to be, it turned out not to be as entertaining as I thought (well, simply put - XCOM did it better ;) ).Basically if the character is standing next to a crate, it receives a cover bonus:


Red imp has only 50% to hit me!


As you can see I tweaked the graphics and added some animations. Also, there are now two types of enemies - the green one, which simply tries to perform a melee attack, and the red one that will always try to shoot you. 

And, last but not least, I've put new winning conditions - the player needs to destroy the crystal that spawns on the other edge of the room, which is now randomly generated.


Crystal - destroy it, and you will win.

I am basically done with adding the gameplay mechanics. I mean I still have a lot of ideas that could be used here, but there is simply no time. I will try to add/improve the graphics, test the game and balance it if necessary, and that's basically it. I plan on submitting it to the jam on Sunday.

And here's another gameplay gif:



Take care!

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