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Hey guys, Fox here. 

I'm super excited to be here! I may only be an amateur game dev, but I hope to make something to be proud of. Project Darkfall is currently being created in RPG Maker VX Ace, and so far it's coming along great. The story began at first as a D&Desque RP site plot back in 2013, but after awhile, I started to want to make an actual game out of it, and make it something of my own. I started making the game itself in July of last year, and started adapting the plot so it would fit better in an RPG. As an artist with other friend artists, I recruited a few! Found myself a programmer, some writers and some digital artists and began to learn how to use RM. I learned a bit of Ruby so I can work with scripts, and completed all the game mechanics needed. 

Currently, I'm working on the art- tilesets, banners, monsters, sprites, etc as well as doing some more advanced world building at my World Anvil. It's still in its early stages, as I've only started it mid-February. I have a wealth of knowledge in documents, and I'm working on it everyday to get it all into a production bible of sorts there, so keep your eye on it if you're interested! Also I post all the presentable art for Darkfall on my DeviantArt account if you want to take a peek at the currently finished monsters, tiles, concept art, what have you. 

Soon I will post more about what the game is, what it's about, and just go into more detail in general. 


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