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GameMaker Week 1



This is the first week of our Blog Entry.  We hope to update this weekly, if that does not happen forgive us, we are very busy.  We will certainly update when we can.  

We are making this game as a family.  The game will be completely done by my Wife, 2 kids, and myself.  I will do all of the coding, as I have experience with this, and teaching my son along the way.  All of us will do the artwork and game ideas.  We are going to be sticking to pixel artwork as none of us are great artist and this is much more forgiving and fun to work with.

The game is going to be an RPG game.  However it has heavy influences from games like:

  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Feral Fury
  • Wayward Souls
  • Space Grunts
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Among other greats!

This will be a rouge-like RPG with permanent un-lockable's and upgrades.  The game is being coded in GameMaker 2.  We will be using other programs as well for the sprites and other pixel goodness.  At the current moment our target platform is IOS and we plan to make the game a free download.  This game will be completely self-funded. 

Our target audience is anyone who likes playing Rouge-Like RPG's, like the games above, and of course anyone who has battled cancer, battling cancer, or close to someone that has.  This is going to be a kid friendly game.  We hope the game is played by kids and adults who are battling cancer, or have been effected by it, and gives them hope that they can beat the disease and live a healthy and long life.  

The story of the game is influenced by my wife.  My wife is currently battling cervical cancer.  Throughout this journey we have come to realize there is not a lot of info on cervical cancer.  There is barely any awareness and we could not find any support.  Don't get us wrong there is a MASSIVE amount of support out there for cancer.  However we realized that certain cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. have there own support channels, as well as foundations for donations.  This unfortunately is not the same for cervical cancer.  We hope to help that.  

With our website we want to curate all of the information we have gathered and learned on our own and from research.  We want to give a "one stop shop" for people that want to learn more about cervical cancer to come to the website and have all of their questions answered as well as learn more along the way.  We hope the game also helps promote that.  

So with all of that said the game was more of a vision.  Something fun for kids to play, and more importantly something for our family to create together.  

Current Status:

  • Main Character, my wife, sprite has been created.  This includes front, back, left, and right side. 
  • Main character has full movement, walking, and running animations. 
  • Main character also has collision set. 
  • Base room has been created for testing.  This is an empty room with just walls to test collision and the sprite animation. 

What is being worked on in the current moment:

  • Building array's for inventory management 
  • more animations for attack and character rolling
  • more sprite creations
    • enemies
    • bosses
    • levels
    • props

Will post some sprites here soon once I get them in a proper GIF.  

Till next week, Thank you.





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