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A Strong Start



Change Of Plans:

I decided to use Unity instead of my own personal game engine, Ignis Game Engine.

I made this change because I believe Unity will alleviate some stress in the development of the game.

In addition, I am convinced that I finished the 2D system interface for the Ignis Game Engine; however, the 3D system implementation

will take some time to complete.


Good Start:

I am excited and nervous at the same time when I started developing this game, Iron Age Stories.

On the other hand, I managed to create a Sand-Box scene with a prototype coming together.



What's Next:

The next step is to tread carefully and plan accordingly on how I can succeed in this project.

I did create a TODO list for the prototype to keep track of my progress; however, the list keeps growing.

I can feel the stress already but I can spread the work into smaller pieces to determine the work load.


Thanks for reading and happy coding!





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