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Twin Demon Slayers: cover display



Hello there!

I've been busy implementing the display of cover status. Basically I used the similar approach that XCOM uses: three types of shields (full, half-full, empty) indicating three types of cover, plus a yellow shield if a character is flanked. Here's the final result:


You might notice that I removed the HP display; I need to rework it so that is looks cleaner - so that will be the next thing that I will be able to (hopefully!) showcase to you next time!


Take care!


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I like your cover system ideas, very cool!

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On 3/26/2018 at 3:04 PM, Rutin said:

I like your cover system ideas, very cool!

Thanks! Although it's not mine, really :) Used the same approach as new XCom games have (and recently Phoenix Point as well). I do believe however that it could be awesome to try introduce it on a 2d roguelite game :)

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