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Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge - Part 5 - Almost Done




Sadly Part 5 was supposed to be the finished game, but I'm a bit delayed as I planned to complete the rest of the programming on the weekend, however I had other commitments to attend to.

I was able to program a bit, and above is the main menu for the game. I'm keeping everything simple with keyboard games to keep that "retro feel".

If you missed my prior entry: "Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge - Part 4 - 2D Prototype", feel free to check it out by finding the link at the bottom of the post. I show the actual game movement throughout the maze, and aliens chasing you down, as well as one animation test.

As of today the Solo Play mode is fully completed. You can go around the maze collecting power orbs while being chased by the aliens. If you hit a Ice Block a timer will start that allows you to shatter the frozen aliens. They will reset after being shattered. You have 3 lives before the game over screen, and you can replay the game as well, or return to the main menu. If you manage to collect all the power orbs, you win. The score and lives will be shown in text above the play area, as well as Main Menu return prompt.

My next task is to add in 2 Player Split Screen which shouldn't take long as I can run two views in the main window, and duplicate the player 1 class for player 2 with all the functions after changing the keyboard controls.

If I have time I will use the same format for 2 Player Split screen, but have the player controlled by AI. The AI player will use path-finding to collect the nearest power orbs, and I can look at putting in a feature that if the AI hits the Ice Block, he will seek out the closest Alien to shatter it.

Some final tweaks and additions I need to make:

1. Redo the Power Orb graphic ( I don't like the current one I'm using ).

2. Add in a queue for pending movement - The normal controls requires you to hit UP RIGHT DOWN LEFT to glide, however as the movement is running on a glide and if you're moving LEFT you need to hold DOWN before you hit the opening, unless you're able to do it right on the spot. The queue will work like this: If you're moving LEFT and you hit DOWN then release the key it will add to the single queue if DOWN isn't possible yet, and will automatically move you DOWN at the next available opening without having to hold the key. The queue will only hold the last known input. This is just to smooth out movement. The same system already exists in Classic Pac-Man.

3. Add sound and music.

I should be finished soon!

If you've missed any of the earlier parts, check below for the links:



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