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Project PunchWitch: 26th of March 2018 - A Wild Blog Appears!



Woah! Hey everyone!

This is the new dev-blog for Project PunchWitch, a RPG I started about a two/three weeks ago in Unity because I really wanted to recreate the feeling I got when I played Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. I'm imagining this game the way 8-year old me imagined LTTP was at the time of playing it, as opposed to now, with the nostalgia-goggles not affixed any more. 

This game follows a witch who hates using staffs, wands, ect, and enjoys casting her spells through punching. Of course, this creates some social rift for her with the other witches at her magic school and it's through going on her journey that she will grow to accept herself. (Y'know, the ol' feel good narrative.)Screen 01.png

Development has been a little slow at the moment as it is just me working on all aspects of the game by myself but as you may see from the images, slow progress is still progress! The current attack animation, I have only recently gotten to work through zero animation transitions. In the game, you'll be able to hot-swap what type of attack you are doing based on a few select elements. The attack, will have the selected elements "attack effect" around the witch's fist, as well as a little effect coming off the attack to simulate air/fire/ect.. being pushed off, whilst I've drawn these effects, I still need to implement them mechanically.Screen 02.png

The character can also move in 8-directions, something that caused me a little strife drawing since I've done little work on perspective, it was with the help of a pixel artist known as Sandy Gordon (AKA: BandyGrass) that really helped me out with their tutorials on 8 direction movement and if you're interested in pixel-art I greatly suggest checking them out.

The tiles are starting to look reasonably okay-ish, though I do want to touch up on them later down the track. It's my goal to have any type of tileset blend with any other tileset seamlessly, as this could really make the map-designing a lot easier once I get to it.Screen 03.png

With that, I'll leave this blog post here and will be back shortly with some more info!

Thanks for reading!



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Keep us updated! Your art style looks very good, and I like the game concept. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was also one of my favorite games. :) 

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