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Mobile Week 2



Hey All, 

Wow first of all we are humbled by the amount of views the first blog received.  That was a welcomed surprise.  Hopefully you all see this as well. 

It has been a very productive week.  It's amazing to see the amount of work that got finished in one week but at the same time it's also interesting to see how much time it takes to produce one little event in the game.  

What was done this week:

  • The main character sprite was tweaked some more, cleaned up, detail added, and we are happy with the outcome now.
  • All animations for the main sprite have been tweaked a lot and finished. 
    • All movement is now handled in a movement engine with scripts and using a lookup table for sprites and enum for player.move
      • This allows friction, acceleration, max speed, running, collision, and bounce. 
  • Added a shadow engine for the sprites.  Main sprite has a fully working shadow that changes to the characters movement!  We are excited by that.
  • Added animations for using main weapon, a Wooden Baseball Bat!  Have attack animations for right, left, up, and down.  
  • Added blinking animations for the main sprite so when she is not moving she looks at camera and blinks. 
    • This still needs further tweaking with setting alarm.
  • Created first Room of World 1.  This is the starting room.  World 1 will be titled "The House".  (More on this, the story, in the coming weeks)
    • Room has full collision.  
    • Has background complete, wooden floor.
    • Has all 4 walls.
    • Has 2 doors that will lead to the proceeding rooms.  
  • Two enemies have been created.  They are "Germs".  Right now they are just named Germ 1 and Germ 2. 
  • My Son has also started planning out the game soundtrack.  This will be all original music and recordings done completely by him.  We are very excited for this outcome.

There was some other work done in there but that is the major milestones of the week.  

Well now the best part.  You can see Room 1 of World 1 in action.  There are no enemies or objects in this room right now.  This is just a test to show you the room, the main sprite with animations and shadow, and to give you an idea of what it will look like.  This is a GIF and it lowered the frame rate when recorded so the actual game moves faster and smoother.

Also attached is a GIF of enemy Germ 2. 

Thank you for reading and following along.  Please ask questions if you have any and we will get back to you.  Till next week. 







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Really interesting that you're approaching this as a family project!

Love the games you listed as inspiration (especially The Binding of Isaac!) so looking forward to seeing how your game turns out. :)

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The sprite work is very good!

I'm looking forward to seeing how your project grows. :) 

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Thank you for the comments.  We are stoked you guys are looking forward to what we have in store.

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