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Finally - Immense Tree Detail and Models

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The original trees were crappy looking so =went out, examined local pines, and drove to a forested area and came up with much better, more realistic pines.  All pines are 12k with 4 LOD's.  The textures are 2048 x2048.  I am looking to expand the variety to about 128 pine variants from lush and full to stripped, with bark mold, sap marks, and various other components.  Heres the new models!






Looking great!  Check out the hobbyists classified as I am needing more artists in general to expand our library to about 1000 Pine, Oak, Maple, Birch, Palm, Tropical trees!  Needing to do a lot of ferns, plant life, vines, flowers, etc.  Need to do a massive library of all these for World Max procedural terrain generator.

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Looks good. You are constantly improving, from your first post; keep it up. :)


With the leaves you could have used one branch and designed the same form with polygons. That way you would only have needed a single 1024*2048 texture to get the same quality. It would have cost more polygons but you have polygons to spare (assuming this is for Unreal).

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This is for unreal.  I am using speed tree.  I am keeping the textures consistent in 2048x2048x32.  The reason is this is for more modern PC's and I am aiming for very real texture details.  Skyrim was good but can be better.  I do want to keep polygons low because of some unique features we will be adding.  For instance, I am currently doing a modification of the Unreal Engine to allow for underwater experience.  Basically, you place a low poly lens over the camera and map with transparent water color texture.  You can morph the lens to create currents while swimming.  You can also confine fluid particles to simulate junk in the water within the camera lens.  This allows for a complete immersion and swimming underwater experience at low cost, with the major effects of underwater added in.


Also will be adding fish, algae, and various other underwater life.  There will also be very detailed characters upwards of 16k polys, and massive spell effects and detailed animated textures for lava flow.  So the less I do in polys the better.  Plenty of texture memory for what we are doing compared to poly processing.

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