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Heroes & Legends - Suggestions

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So here are some plans for Heroes & Legends:


Advanced Character Creation option similar to the sims but far more advanced in clothing, skinning, faces, etc.

Actual Fluid dynamics, lava, under water utilizing gpu processing with physics according to under water immersion

Actual weather, temperatures, survival such as camping, clothing, shelter, hypothermia, etc


Snow accumulation and melting.  Rain puddles, mud, quick sand etc.

World Max and a SRTM compatible database capable of generating worlds the size of earth, larger or smaller and generating a planet earth up to 2M resolution

Real combat, no more hit points but instead a system that qualifies injuries based on hit location and armor.  Takes into account material of the armor.

16th, 17th, 18th Century Sailing Ships trade and combat.  Actual hull material and hit dynamics system, no more hit points, 1 hit could sink your ship or 50 hits could do a lot of damage.  Actual flooding and displacement physics.

Latitude and Longitude coordinate system.  Use of a compass may be required when navigating the world.

Smaller bugs, low poly such as mosquitos, flies,  knats, lady bugs, and other various critters.  Aves, or birds, that fly or pirch on branches.  Fish, perch, trout, piranha, bass, jelly fish, sharks, and various sea fish.

Sexual interaction and nudity.  Explicit, and all inclusive.  Use your imagination.


I am looking for other suggestions in game development to make this a RPG game for the ages.  Please post comments and suggestions here in this topic and follow along as we develop more and soon will be coming in game screen shots!

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Hello there! I'm truly impressed by your plans for the game, but I'm afraid that your system's complexity may also cause a few problems. For example, the self-learning AI might become more skilled than a player after a few iterations, and the game will become unplayable. To fix this, you can try and modify the AI so it would not only make the game more challenging but also more fun for the player. It might be way more difficult and it may require a lot of research, but it is crucial, especially in the complex project you're about to create


The game is fun. The game is a battle.
If it's not fun, why bother?
If it's not a battle, where's the fun?

(c) Reggie Fils-Aime, E3 2017



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