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Faster than I thought



Here it is ! The Lego spaceship is complete. It did not take me too much time. The complete model is made of more than 2000 pieces.

I included in the Album some details on how the different parts are made. It went quite well even if I had some difficulties with the assembly of the secondary reactor (dark grey thing at the bottom): with the cockpit it is heavy and was not very well connected to the sides. I changed a few parts to make the link more efficient. The only problem left is that the wings are also too heavy for the way they are attached to the sides. I wanted the link to be close to the way it is done in my original 3D model. Maybe I will change it later. For now, I have to move it by holding the wings.

I also have to find a place to put it. The table of the living room would be a good choice but I don't think my wife will agree... It will probably finish on top of the Ghostbusters headquarter until we find a bigger house to store all the Lego we have :)



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Dude, is that you're own Lego creation?  It's awesome if it is.  You could make you're own Lego sets.  

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Yes, it is my own creation as it is the Lego rendition of the player's spaceship of my shoot'em up game.

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