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SFX Selling my sound effects on my own platform - Looking for feedback !

Olivier Girardot


I have recently created my own Sound Effects plateform:    Have a look !



There are basically 2 options that you can chose from: Packs or Single tracks.

1/ Sound effect packs/Full albums: Their price range from a few dollars up to $29 for huge collections of hundreds of sounds. If you have the budget, these packs are really worth the money. You can also wait for discounts if you are not in a hurry.

2/ Single tracks. The prices start at $0,99. The aim is to offer game developers or film makers the possibility to acquire specific sound effects for the lowest budget possible.

At the moment I am offering a 50% discount for purchases of a minimum value of $10 on single tracks. So if you have $5 to spare on super high quality and professional sound effects, you get $10 worth of a selection of your choice !

I am planning on creating a permanent volume discount scheme on those single tracks. The more you buy, the bigger the discount.

For now,  I am only selling my own sounds, but I want to expand by allowing other sound designers to sell their sounds on What do you think ?

Any opinion or advice you want to give on the presentation, the content, navigation and so on, are most welcome.

And I would be happy to compensate any feedback with a nice coupon code.

Oh and by the way, if you subscribe to the newsletter, you will not only be the first ones informed of great deals, but you will also receive 120 MB of free high quality sounds !

I hope to see you at

Olivier Girardot

Music Composer & Sound Designer

PS. Let me share latest youtube video too:


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You have a good concept for a platform here. :) Some issues with the site I would work on are:

- Adding a currency conversion option on the page so all prices will show in USD/CAD/EURO, ect...

- The top menu bar drifts to the right too much on a bigger display, I would find a way to center it.

The major problem I found is you have zero licensing information on the site. Anyone who is intending on using your sound and music for commercial use needs to know where they stand in terms of usage rights.

Also, if you plan on getting other people to place assets on your site you need to make sure they have rights, and you have some agreement to distribute on their behalf, ect... I would strongly suggest getting a lawyer to run through all of this for you to avoid future legal issues, and disputes.

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Hi Rutin,

These are great remarks ! Thanks ! I'll see what I can do about the menu and the currency converter, that's actually a good idea.

You are absolutely right about the licensing agreement. Customers receive en EULA every time they purchase an album or a single sound effect, but it should definitely be easily accessible on the website. I am going to take care of that right away !

Yes, I would definitely need some legal advice or counselling if I want to proceed with other sound designers. I am working on it.

Thank you so much for your time. Now, what can I do for you ? Is there an album or 2 that might interest you ?

Send me your email address at so I can create a personal coupon code for you !

All the best,


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Cool sound effects there and it's nice that single tracks can be purchased.


I don't know if it's only my browser but at 'About OG' after "Here are some examples of my sound effect and music work:" there is a huge white gap. I need to scroll way down to find the links.

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Hi Gezu and thank you for your feedback.

Is your browser IE ? Because I seem to experience similar display problems on IE, but not at all on Chrome.

Are you able to see the audio players in the description of the "single tracks" ?

I am going to mention that to my web designer. Thanks for the feedback !

I will send you a private message with the coupon code you are entitled to, as promised :)



I am offering a $20 coupon code to everyone who gives me some feedback about my website !

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Thank you for the coupon! :D

I used chrome. Now it works for me using chrome and ie as well. Last time it didn't list those tracks and videos.

EDIT: and one more thing:

'I have recently created my own Sound Effects plateform' - platform  :D

Edited by Gezu

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