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The making of a BIZARRE video!




The new sprint starts today. During the last 5 weeks, we built a lot of 3D furniture for Clearwater’s apartment.
We UWV Unwrapped the furniture, i.e. his home office, his kitchen (see pic below, WIP), etc. and we'll now continue with their texturing. The video is taking place in Clearwater’s apartment, where he’ll face his first bizarre visions. That’s why we want it cozy there.

Furthermore, we implemented a player controller in C++ to control the movement of the player actor. The UI for the player control is made with Blueprints as you can see in the pic below. You’ll find the finished control elements in the new video.

For the player controller we had to implement touch bindings (a link between the user interaction and the code) to analyze the touch gesture in order to decide which action the player wants to evoke. Additionally, the player controller provides a bunch of useful information that can be consumed by the UI to visualize the action. Based on the users’ gesture, the player controller rotates the camera or initiates navigation command to make the player move in direction to the 3D world position that matches the 2D touch coordinate. The UI uses Blueprints driven by the provided values from the player controller to display the corresponding visual elements and trigger animations.

We also improved all animations that Clearwater is supposed to perform during the new video, i.e. the shooting animation, the walking and running animation. What we haven’t finished yet! On our mobile phones, we found some ‘inhuman bugs’. What does that mean? It’s quite difficult to make a thousands of polygons to look like a realistic human. The movement, the textures, the light, the skin, the face, etc. So, we need to fix all ‘inhuman inconsistencies’ of main-character Charly Clearwater. 😉 After the upcoming 4 weeks, we want to have him ready for the video.

The evil power behind Clearwater’s head shot and his bizarre visions and dreams, the dark might behind these 13 bizarre wishes that Clearwater is going to fulfill during the game, is a queen of an Ancient Egypt culture. She wants Clearwater to set her free to take control of all humans on earth. We’ll create a new, a so far undiscovered Ancient Egypt culture that is using an own Scripture, an own language, own rituals and insignia, and so on. We’ll publish some drawings as a draft for our later modeling and realization of this might.

The book BIZARRE Episode I is half written. The 5th bizarre dream is almost written down. When the writing of this book is finished, we’ll start to plan and arrange all game elements and game scenes that are planned to be realized in the final game. Of course, we intend to publish the rough structure of the game for you to see.

We published a first reading sample of the book BIZARRE Episode I (in German). You can find the link below.

C u in 4 weeks! :-)





Blueprint UserController.jpg


Epics Sprint 24++.jpg


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Looks like you've been keeping busy and making lots of progress! :)

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