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BGP DevLog #166 (Demo Ready?)

Yotes Games


Just powering through and coding my heart out. Nothing to show yet, but things are progressing behind the scenes.

     Working towards that Minimum Viable Product with a few days to go til showtime! Pretty much every feature from the last demo needs to be remade and bug free using the new development tools I have. The next demo has to be ready by Saturday morning, or I'm going to have to introduce countless strangers and fellow devs to my buggy pre-alpha from December! 

     Can't let that happen. It's crunch time. Check out the devlog.

(nearly caught up to the most recent DevBlog! Been sharing one a day as to not be too spammy about it :p)


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      The project: The game is not intended to be comercial, meaning that will be released as a free to play game. This is because my goal is to build a portfolio and to find nice people that loves game developing beyond the cash profit.
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      I've also read about this software Koreographer while doing research on how to make a rhythm-based game, but I'm hoping that whoever's willing to help can help me achieve some of the neat effects that Koreographer can do without buying and learning the software.

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