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Simple organic and brute force dungeon generation



Last month, I made a pretty simple dungeon generator algorithm. It's an organic brute force algorithm, in the sense that the rooms and corridors aren't carved into a grid and that it stops when an area doesn't fit in the graph.

Here's the algorithm :

  1. Start from the center (0, 0) in 2D
  2. Generate a room
  3. Choose a side to extend to
  4. Attach a corridor to that side
  5. If it doesn't fit, stop the generation
  6. Attach a room at the end of the corridor
  7. If it doesn't fit, stop the generation
  8. Repeat from steps 3 to 7 until enough rooms are generated

It allowed us to test out our pathfinding algorithm (A* & String pulling).

Here are some pictures of the output in 2D and 3D : 






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Looks pretty effective!

Any plans to add branching or loops?

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14 hours ago, jbadams said:

Looks pretty effective!

Any plans to add branching or loops?



We'll brainstorm on that in before the end of May I think. We have many ideas and libraries / algorithms we could use. For exemple, Paul Speed from the jMonkey Engine forum did the same thing as I but more complex. See https://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/t/april-2018-monthly-wip-screenshot-thread/40292.


We could also use Noise4J to generate a noise based dungeon.



There are so many algorithms and ways of doing it that it's bound to be incremental and evolve over time.

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