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Game Dev Week #14



The safehouse level

Like many game, we intend to have a safehouse. The safe house make much sens in terms of story and since it fitted very well with the scenario, it was part of the game since day 1. This "in between level" scene is design to allow you to take a break, it's a nice place to decide if you save or not. In this safehouse you will be able to track very important aspect of your game.

Ship progression

The game goal is to rebuild a ship to escape the planet and report to your home base. Through the game you will unlock the real goal. The ship give you an overall idea of how close you are from finishing the game. Ship part will be spread across the globe, you actually gather electronics part and metal pieces to build the stuff you need. Part are randomly place in different level and each level have different spawn location. Some very scripted level tied to the scenario will have fix spawn location. This randomness will make each of your game unique and fun. Some level won't give you anything beside satisfaction (if any!)

Global Awereness

The game will become more and more hard the more you play, unless you are very very good at it. One way to make the game enjoyable and frustratingly hard at the same time is to make end level hard for real hardcore gamer. The game will react to your action in each level. The more you get detected, the more people see you the more your global awereness raise. The more it raise, people start to expect your presence and become more suspicious, more policeman are patrolling and eventually city or the entire globe goes on panic and cities get militarized which will get you a very hard time. The global awereness zone will trigger fun fact about your current game and will give you an update on how good or bad you did globally

Globe map

You will have a quick look of the available country giving you an idea of how much level are lock and available and which of them are completed. You can access the full map from there and select your next destination.

Teleport pad / bonus zone

In this area you can see if you have found any special item that turn out to be a bonus you can apply on your character. Powerup item can be found in multiple random location and they will allow your character to progress into even more powerful character or to regenerate your health. Which is a very strong bonus since this game carry over your live from level 1 to end game. There are no health pack, no health regen.

Take a look and share your idea



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