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Game Development Update - Space Defender: First Look at a Level



First of all I want to apologize for the extended delay between posts. There was a medical emergency in the family I had to attend to. But now that its almost taken care of I can get back into development a little more. 

I now have a main menu mostly finished and I have created an in game GUI and started on building up the first level.


The base you must defend for this level will be in the lower left corner of the screen. I will also be adding areas where you can place turrets that will shoot down enemy ships. My current plan is to have the enemy ships start anywhere at the edge of the screen opposite of where the base is. So for the first level the enemy ships will be coming from the top and right edges of the screen and fly a straight line towards the base. If the base is in the middle of the screen enemy ships can com from all 4 edges. So far I only have one turret created.

My next steps will be to create a pause menu for when the player hits the pause button. The player will have the options to quit, resume, adjust sound and fx volume and restart. Then I will move on to creating an enemy ship, add the ability to drag and drop a turret into the level, then begin adding the game play and spawning enemy ships and get the level mostly working. Once I get to that point I'll be providing a demo to get some feedback on the game so far.

I wont be able to get as much done as I previously did for a while but I will be continuing development as I can.



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Is this fort the Tower defence challenge or is this something similar.  I can't quite tell.

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No this is not part of the Tower Defense Challenge. Its a separate game project I'm working on unrelated to that challenge. I haven't picked a name for the game yet so I'm just calling it Space Defender for now.

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