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Twin Demon Slayers: more XCom-ish look!



I spent some time on altering the visuals in general, to make the things look nicer and more clean. Basically I tried to reproduce the look and feel from XCom games.

First of all, I've changed the way HPs are displayed - from hearts to rectangles. Player characters use blue color, enemies - red.

Also, information about current cover type (none, light, heavy) has been added.


Goodbye, hearts. Embrace the combined HP and cover display!

Also, the characters are "sticking" to the wall next to them - currently only when dealing with a wall that is on their left/right:



Additionally, a character can be flanked. This happens when the enemy has a clear line of sight.


Even though hiding behind a heavy cover, player character is flanked (yellow shield). Enemy goblin has light cover, as it's hiding behind a crate, and not a solid wall.

And, last but not least: I have added UI for actions' display - pretty much the same as in the XCom games (so displaying all potential actions, potential targets and their to hit/flanked statuses):


That's it for today! Next things on my agenda are introducing Action Points display and adding more actions, including overwatch mechanics - that will be fun!


Take care!


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I like the breathing animation.  Reminds me of old Nintendo games.

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Haha, might be! :)

I do plan to alter the visuals completely though - but I want to finish all the core gameplay features first.

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