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Mobile Week 9; Randomization, Effects, GoFundMe



Hello All, 

I had done a lot of work on the randomization engine.  I had the game running and working exactly like Binding of Issac where every room was completely different with different paths to take until it hit the max amount of rooms and displayed the boss room.  This took me several days to code and in the end I scrapped the whole system and started over.  I did not like the complete randomization it took.  I felt like I had less creative control over the rooms and there was so much more I wanted to do that would have required so much more coding and dev work than was really necessary.  So I designed an entirely new plan and code. 

Now the world will have a structured layout.  There will be 3 paths that can be taken.  There will be a hard path, medium path, and an easy path.  Now on each of these paths there will be a combination of random room generation and static rooms (that do not change).  However this will work much differently than originally designed.  I will have a pool of 25 rooms (to start more will be created) and each room will pull it's design from the pool of 25 rooms.  So you do not know what room you will get ahead of time and each play through will always be different.  This method is perfect because I get to creatively hand craft each room in the pool so I do not loose any creative control and it's actually extremely easy to code this randomization.  The code is done, now it's just creating the rooms which will be my focus for the next couple weeks.  

All details laid out in my plan below:




Please let me know what you think.  

Also here is a video of the new screenshake effect when the firecrackers explode:


Also we have started a GoFundMe.  Please read about that below.  I understand if you are not in a situation where you can donate but please share it on your facebook, twitter, or with friends.  It will be greatly appreciated.  It's not only to help the development of the game but to help my wife and family.



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22 minutes ago, Rutin said:

Great job on the screen shake!   

Thanks Rutin. What do you think of the world layout?

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I like the concept! :) You're putting a lot into this game. Very nice!

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