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Tower Defence video 2



Just posting this quickly as I will be off for 5 days or so and unable to access PC / work on game, so a little update.

  • Got sound working, although it needs some tweaking I need variations for the sounds but the programming side is all done. I have a sound manager that pools sound sources, don't know if that is more efficient than putting sound sources on all the gameobjects. I also figured out how to put animation events on the animations to play sounds in sync (footsteps, sword etc).
  • Made a couple more quick towers in blender, although there is no separate logic for the towers yet, they are all firing same bullets etc.
  • Changed from using my native huts to some medieval assets from Unity asset store. As these houses are bigger than one grid square there is now a bit more complex logic for placing them, rotating them until they fit on the map. Also the waypoints now lead to the front of the big building which will be your base (I might change the building model though).
  • And added some particle effects. Made a pool system for these, and got the effects themselves again from asset store. There are small explosions, smoke (for your base when being hit), flames, and muzzle flashes, and blood (although this is my old test particle system I made).
  • Did a little tweaking to the area camera to make sure more of the relevant action was 'in frame'.

Although all the towers are firing the same so far, I will have them fire different projectiles at different speeds / damage / range. And maybe have some of the enemies attack the towers so you have to repair them.

I've got a feeling play balancing might be a bit time consuming at the end, making it not too hard or too easy and having it get increasingly difficult as you progress...


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Looks fantastic!  well done, you've got all the elements there for a great TD game.

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5 minutes ago, Awoken said:

Looks fantastic!  well done, you've got all the elements there for a great TD game.

Thanks guys. Am looking forward to working on it again when I get back, now I have a lot of the 'basics' working I can try and make it a bit more strategic, encouraging playing for longer. I think the big danger with these type of games is making something that is fun to play for 5 mins, then you get bored. But if there is some kind of research tree or something like age of empires it encourages you to put the time in. Mind you I was only intending to spend a couple of weeks on it, and getting a working game at all is good in that time frame, so even a 5 minute install is a success lol.

The other danger I think is getting carried away with eye candy and feature creep. Already I'm thinking, yeah if I have to abandon the terrain for performance and to keep the download size getting out of hand, I could use render to texture splatting to get the underlying land block to look more interesting, put some clouds or something for scrolling background, spend some time deciding where to put props around the villages so it doesn't look so blocky, etc etc. Have little villagers running around fixing your towers. Can always do that in version 2.0.

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