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Mobile Week 10: Randomization and GoFundMe update



Hey All,

Much smaller update this week. Was focused mainly on code writing. I have finished all the code for the room randomization and have almost finished testing it. So far it’s working great and exactly what I wanted. 

With my calculations with room Type A all being random from a pool of 25 different layouts and with enemies always random there’s only 1 out of over 2.6 million of a chance getting the same world layout.  I think it’s safe to say you will never play the same game twice. 

Out of those 25 different room layouts there will also be puzzle rooms incorporated with that. Mostly consisting of moving boxes to switches or to clear a passage way. 

For the next couple weeks I will be focusing on art work. I will be making different color walls so there’s some variation. Once all the rooms are done I will begin coding the puzzles. 

I do need 1 more room hazard. This will be a household object that will shoot “something” out. I would like some ideas if you have any in the comments. I’ll pick the one I like and draw it up and give you credit for the idea in the games credits!  The only thing I have so far is a washer machine throwing rolled up clothes.  So let’s hear some ideas!

Also the GoFundMe has almost reached the goal of $500 dollars!!  Thank you to everyone who donated and shared. Please don’t stop we are so close.  https://www.gofundme.com/help-family-with-cancer

Also I would like to announce the game will now also be released to android devices as well as IOS. 

Till next week, take care and thank you. 


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