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Dev Blog - Space Defender HD: Enemy Spawning



Another milestone is complete. Basic enemy spawning is finished. When the game loads the player will have unlimited time to set up turrets (still a little work to do here) and can then hit the play button to start the game. After that the player can pause and resume or restart the game. This functionality is done and so far I have the game choosing between 2 enemy ships randomly to spawn them. The basic run down of how the game will work is enemy ships can come from anywhere along the edge of the screen. Which screens will depend on the level but will always come from at least 2 edges. The enemies will move towards the players base and once close enough will shoot at the players base damaging it. I have both the movement and firing at the players base completed. Most of the work is done in a base class so its easy to add a new enemy. This is a screenshot of actual game play. I am getting closer to having a playable demo ready.


Below is the main part of the spawn controller I created to manage all the aspects of spawning. It allows me to easily start, pause, resume, and restart spawning capabilities when the game starts or when the player pauses and resumes or restarts the game. At the bottom left is Choose Random Available Enemy which will allow me to choose enemies that have been unlocked.


Now that I have this complete my next step is to get the turrets working. The player can already drag and drop them into the level so I just need to implement their functionality. Once this is done I should be able to have a playable demo ready. I'm sure there will be a few bugs that will need to be flushed out as I go but things are going good.



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Thanks. I was able to find some good HD assets to use. I've spent more on the UI for this game than my first 2 combined. I can't wait to have a playable demo for people to try it out.

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