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Tower Defence second Alpha Version



This is my second alpha version for my gamedev Tower Defence challenge entry. Fingers crossed the links will work. :)

Linux64 (40 megs)


Win32 (32 megs)


Android (49 megs)



I did miss out on several days because my internet got taken out due to a massive lightning storm, and Unity editor refused to run without an internet connection...

However new features:

  • 3 new enemies .. bird, spider and boss
  • 2 new towers .. ballista, plasma tower
  • Each level is now scripted, each wave and enemy
  • Some terrain improvements
  • Projectile models (bullet, cannonball, plasma, bolt)
  • Tooltips on tower buttons
  • Lots of changes to game rules / balancing
  • Templates for each tower and each actor type
  • Player has 3 lives



I don't think I gave enough cash for the first level in this build, but you can win usually by building 3 of the first cheap tower and 1 of the second tower clumped together in a group, that way the towers can defend each other and they aren't too expensive. Once you get past the first level the cash reward for completing the level is quite generous.

Android Build - edit

After some considerable effort, I finally got an Android build working. The build kept hanging while trying to bake lightmaps (which I had been trying to turn off), but after several hours experimentation and changing options randomly I finally got it working.

The APK size is nearly 50 megs, no idea why larger than even the linux build. But it does run, choppy on my old tablet when there's much action happening, but shows potential. I think the particle effects will be slowing it down so I'll add options to turn them down.

Also with a tablet touchscreen there is no preview of whether you can build on a spot because there is no 'mousemove' equivalent, only a touch, which is like a click to build. [Also I'll have to scale up the tower selection buttons on mobile because it's easy to click to build instead of hitting the button when you don't have a mouse.] FIXED


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I'll give it a go later tonight! :) Link works for me - Windows one.

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Excellent!!! The smoke and other effects are cool bro ^ _ ^y and the terrain level is changing on every wave... oh look it's a BIRD!!!! 

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Thanks guys and good is working. :) I think it needs a tech tree so not all the towers are available at the beginning.

It also seems that the best strategy is build a bunch of towers close together so they can defend each other .. however, I need to figure a way of handicapping this so that you need to build towers in more than one area to make things more interesting (maybe by placing trees etc to limit the area sizes available?).

The terrain does change each level, and whether there is rain or not, I will try to add more things to be consistent between levels so there is gradual change.

And maybe I should have a look at having multiple paths to the base, that shouldn't be too hard and will make the gameplay more interesting.

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