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BGP DevLog #174 (Where's The Game?)

Yotes Games



     Getting REAL tired of this game not being close to finished. I admit to dying inside just a bit each passing week as I fall behind on the schedule I laid out just because the very first bullet point is the hardest pill to force down. 

     Maybe I'm crazy and doing this wrong. Time to take a different route to the end. As for what exactly what that route is? You'll need to read the ending thoughts to this week's devlog to find out. 


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    • By G-Dot
      Hello everybody! I'm developing my first big game and almost done with finishing all the mechanics, the only few things that left is some balancing and some enemies behavior corrections. But scince I'm developing it on my own and it's 3rd person shooter the game needs a lot of content such as animation characters environment meshes and so on. And there is a problem: I don't know what to do next. So let me explain situation a little bit better. I was doing very simple games for 3 years when I started game developing and a year ago I decided to create a really big and serios project. So for these year I've managed to create all mechanics balance them and now I got a game that can be played and people (who tested it) enjoy it. The only thing is left is to bring "beaty" to the project. I can model all static meshes for the levels, create some FX, textures and I've even managed to create all enemy characters. So I'm more a programmer than an artist and I simply don't know how to create all other stuff such as animations, player characters and so on. It's realy bad, because for now I can't even show my work to the people, because it's very ugly and poor. And I don't have money to pay artists. So please can you give some advices on what to do in this situation.
    • By Ocarinha
      I'm developing an engine for a 2D game in C ++ and for some days I've been looking for a way to protect the images and audio of my future game. I know there is no 100% protection and that someone would be able to open these files, but I mean the regular user who just installed the game, prevent it from modifying the sprites, change the sound, overwrite the xml files with game map data.
      I downloaded some games made in Unity and noticed that a .assets extension is used, in Diablo 2 it is used .ma0, .mpq, .data, in FEZ .pak, in Super Meat Boy only a .tp file. In other words, you can not open and edit any of these files in a text editor or unzip with winrar, they offer a minimum level of protection. How is this done? Do I have to create my own binary file format or is there any program that makes it easier to work?
    • By IronicallySerious
      I have dabbled into almost every single field of study that goes into making a game. Currently, I am a sophomore and I made 2 VR titles and 1 non-VR. Next, on my journey, I went on to create a 2D game engine with very basic but "Turing complete" features. 
      Having experienced a small piece of everything that there is I am finding it very difficult to commit all of my efforts into a single field. I loved my time making gameplay systems, playing with OpenGL, creating 2D basic physics simulations and making sound engines and the regular engine stuff.
      How should I decide what I should go deep into? I am aware of the fact that the industry doesn't really look for complete package candidates for job/internships because normally they tend to get a small task which is dependent on a small section of the game (generally speaking).
      I kinda want to maximize my chances of landing somewhere good so I am trying to make a very planned approach from the beginning. I am 3 semesters in my CS major (out of 8 semesters) and the time for looking for internships is getting close. This is really bugging me because I am also the only one around here that is interested in making a career out of gamedev. If I continued to get demotivated like this I may just hop on to one of the "fad" tech nowadays like Machine learning and Cloud etc., which I see as a waste of my effort from the past 4 years to get to a point where I am able to explore gamedev to this considerable extent.
    • By David Chadwick
      Just a short update. The TactxStudios Defold Tutorial website has been converted from WordPress to HTML to improve overall performance for all users. The revised site is now online:
      Over the past few weeks, the following changes have been made:
      The site has been converted from using WordPress as a platform to being a straight HTML5 website - this conversion took a little longer than I had hoped, but the results seem well worth the investment in time. The numerous WordPress plugins which were used to support the site functionality were simply grinding it to a halt.
      Additionally, the HTML Defold Game Previews have been changed into popups which are invoked by clicking a thumbnail – saving load time when you bring up each tutorial.
      Lastly, all the static assets (images, zipfiles, css, etc) have been deployed onto a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which promulgates them to worldwide hosting servers. This really reduces load time.
      Initial benchmarking highlights the impact. For example, the BalloonPop! Game Tutorial was taking over 17 seconds to load at the host site, but has been reduced significantly! It now takes 2 seconds or less to render the site for users in Europe/North American and 3 seconds or less to render for users in Asia/South America. These changes should greatly improve the tutorial experience.
      There are several new tutorials being working on – to include:
      New Introductory Tutorials:
      Use of the Defold Camera Build/Deployment Procedures for Android and iOS New Game Tutorials:
      A Tower Defense Game, Tic-Tac-Toe, and A Space Invader Game. Thanks all for your interest…all the best, David

    • By xRa7en
      Hi everyone. First time here, not sure I have this post in the right thread, so forgive me if I do not.
      I write in several languages, depends on needs and mood LOL, Currently I've been visiting my DOS DAYS of gaming and wrote a few quick ones. Currently working on a text adventure. Like those of old days (Get key, open box etc...part of the fun was figuring out two word combos), but with modern story line and mechanics. So am curious where could I find the right type of gamer that likes these types of game to test it.
      The story line is weak as it is just a rough draft while I complete it both the engine and the game. What I would be looking for is the interaction part. Do the rooms link up right, do the puzzles make sense, do they even fit with the story line etc... There will be tyupos in the story (did you catch that LOL ). Once the game can be played in its entirety, I will go back and flesh out the story better.
      So if anyone is interest.. let me know. The release will be far apart, as I am working on a few other projects as well, not to mention I take care of several properties and that keeps me busy,
      The story is called "The Apartment", and is a haunted thriller about a girl (who you play) that got stuck in this abandon apartment while jogging to escape a freak storm, only to find herself stuck there. Find your way out, and what coincident pulled you there (wooooooooo...). Since I am a huge gamer (600+ games in steam alone), I pulled several mechanics and story lines from some of the best games and made a new one. I think it works (even nabbed on idea from a great movie).
      thanks again if you read this far..

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