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    • By Roky
      Hi there,
      We are small indie team developing a casual mobile game. We are trying to implement the following two effects in our game.
      1. Ice to Normal Blocks:
      Here a nice particle effect happens when all the ice blocks are turned to normal blocks. We want to do this.
       // Aiming Dots:
      We want to implement this aiming dots for a ball in our game.
      Does anyone know –
      1. How to implement these two effects? We have a good programmer. Any link to an online reference will be enough.
      2. Is there a asset at Unity asset store that could help us?
      Thanks. Any suggestions appreciated.
    • By yoseph072
      How do I fix my issue with Unity? I build an android game with Unity and I already publish it on Google store.
      But until yesterday, everytime I use my package name, the layout even Unity logo splash screen (unity logo not mine) was resize. But if i used another package name, it works fine.
      Please help
    • By Asisvenia
      Hello everyone!   I've released my adventure-action platformer game. I've worked on that game 5 months as a full-time solo developer (8-12 hours a day). I'm mainly a programmer but also I learnt pixel art, design and animations so that I did all stuff myself except musics and sound effects. I hope you'll have a great time... Any criticism is welcome.    It is a game which is based on a love story. You need to avoid deadly traps and break many bones along the your journey to the your kidnapped love!   Game is free, here is the Google Play link:   - Features:   ♥ 16 handcrafted levels and 4 bosses. ♥ Pixel art style with rich environment. ♥ Collect as much as coin you can, and spend your hard-earned coins to upgrade your skills and weapons. ♥ Avoid deadly traps and obstacles. ♥ Use your "Dash" ability to break bones! ♥ Search through dark dungeons, castles and ivy based areas to find out treasures. ♥ Discover others' hidden stories.. ♥ A love based story. ♥ Challenging platforming experience which is exclusively designed for mobile devices.         I really need your opinions. Have fun!
    • By Strifexxx
      Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome!
      Download on Google Play:
      Stickman Hello Stars is a sequel to the legendary puzzle. The job of each level is to guide a bomb from a predetermined start point in stickman. The bomb and nearly all objects on the screen are affected by gravity.  As the game progresses, you'll have to use all sorts of theory to figure out a solution for each puzzle. 



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