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Hi, everybody!
In early April of this year, we have brought out the early fruits of our semiannual work - a musical rhythm - beat'em up game with the ability to download your own music content!

Yesterday we have introduced the results of the very first TRRT’ tournament! We’ve found that it’s a very good experience as for the players so for us as the developers too.
Today we’re happy to announce the launch of the second TRRT’ competition!cd936cd2d3663bd49ae93f9e78eddf5fabcc321a

You should upload this song to Custom Game mode, reach the best game score to this track, record a video of playing through the level, and throw us a link on the game Steam page HERE!

The prizes:
Third place – key for our previous game 'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' 
Second place - 'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' + Star Story’OST keys
The champion - 'Star Story: The Horizon Escape' + Star Story’OST + TERRORHYTHM keys.

Link to the original where you can download this song:


EvilCoGames team played at Hard mode and got the score 27576 points (15364 points/min). Take a look:




And what will be yours? 
Try your best!

EvilCoGames Team
Twitter.com Steamcommunity.com


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