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ZPOC Blog #3





Mouse trap visuals are functional and show a dead little rodent that your units can eat raw.  Now we’ll just need to have them haul the raw food back to the storage area to enable them to be cooked.  Delish!


Units are now smart enough to go to the rain barrels for water when they get thirsty!  Watch out, Einstein!



Sometimes our units just can’t put their battles behind them, and just keep on swinging their weapons as they wander, eat, and even in their sleep.  


At other times they just sort of spaz out and do the jitterbug in place for a second before continuing the attack. We are working in the code and Mechanim to troubleshoot the issues.



We’ve come to a compromise with our wayward units.  We’re not ready to update the Task Dispatcher just yet, so they’ll have to continue to follow our commands.  However, we’re going to split up the Construct Resource behavior into separate parts to allow for more flexibility.  Hopefully our units will demonstrate more obedience when this is complete. Either way this will make the transition to the new Task Dispatcher go more smoothly whenever we do get to it.  



-Mouse traps show dead rodent, need hauling enabled

-Units drink from rain barrels

-Working on Combat glitches

-Working on fixing bug where units get stuck in Construct Resource behavior when proxies are built before you have the resources.


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