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BGP DevLog #175 (E3 2018)

Yotes Games



     After such an amazing E3, I feel reinvigorated. Gotta admit to feeling pretty jaded/apathetic about AAA gaming lately, but leave it to the Sony & Nintendo press conferences to remind me of why I love gaming in the first place. The hype I felt over the past couple days is the same feeling I want people to have for the things I'm working on someday. Unprecedented levels of polish, earnest interviews and announcements by hardworking developers, shocking surprises, gameplay to analyze, and jaw-dropping tournament moments... 

     And at the heart of it all? Hours of fun promised by teams I know can deliver. I'm hype ya'll. Now I want to work hard to make sure starting next E3, I'll be there to show off something in person every year.

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Certainly a few exciting announcements!

There are always loads of great indie games available if the current AAA offering doesn't match your desires though - one of the great things about games these days is there's something for just about everyone! :)

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There truly is... I'm looking forward to catching up on my backlog. Haven't played much since before even PS4 was announced. I've got an entire generation of games to play!

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