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Mobile Week 13; Touch controls done, randomization optimized, headache gone



Hey All,

Blog is a day later than usual, there was a bug with saving that I wanted to complete before posting. The auto save feature was not saving some global variables correctly that was needed for the room randomization scripts. In order to resolve this I had to re-write the scripts as it was really messy and caused a huge headache.

The re-write is great, I took about 30 lines of code down to about 10 so it was a great optimization at the same time. The good news is though it works flawlessly with auto save now. It works perfectly on the phone so if there’s a crash or you don’t finish a run it auto saves from the last room you cleared and the save is deleted upon game over.

Items added for touch controls:

  • Changed size and location of vstick and on screen buttons
  • Made it so the item you equip to a button is now displayed on the button itself!!
  • Added a pause button to the GUI. Pressing this pauses the game and draws the inventory. Hitting pause again un-pauses the screen.
  • Added a go to main menu button on the game over screen
  • Added a continue game button on the title screen. If there is no save present it will display no save found.

Bugs fixed:

  • If you have full health hearts are now pushed out of your way. Was a bug stopping this from happening on the phone
  • Save game issue resolved
  • Issue resolved on player not being destroyed on game over

Features added:

  • Added smoke to the explosion animation. Slowed the animation down.
  • Changed smoke color on fireballs.
  • Title Screen!! Added what will be the official start screen. This will also be random. The blurred background will be chosen randomly and show different room layouts. The character shown on the right side will also be chosen randomly between all enemies, boss, and player!!
  • Added fade in screen transition for new game

There might be some little changes I forgot.

Gameplay video showcasing everything above and was on an iPhone 7 Plus.

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Recommended Comments

Looks like everything is coming together very nicely. Great job! :) 

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13 minutes ago, SOS-CC said:

Thanks Rutin!

Do you have an estimated release date for purchase yet?

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11 minutes ago, Rutin said:

Do you have an estimated release date for purchase yet?

We are shooting for First week in September. This year September is 

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


  • Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

I am going to be looking for beta testers shortly.  I’m nearing completion on the first world and will be uploading to test flight in the coming weeks.  If you are interested let me know. 

Edited by SOS-CC

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1 minute ago, SOS-CC said:

We are shooting for First week in September. This year September is 

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


  • Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

I am going to be looking for beta testers shortly.  I’m nearing completion on the first world and will be uploading to test flight in the coming weeks.  If you are interested let me know. 

Sure, I'll beta test if you are looking for people. :) 

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Just now, Rutin said:

Sure, I'll beta test if you are looking for people. :) 

Awesome, I will be in touch. 

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