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Mobile Week 16: Pickups, World 1, Bugs fixed



Hey All,

WOW it has been 4 months already. I feel it has gone very well. When I look back to the beginning I can’t believe how far the game has come. These next 8 weeks are going to be exciting with the game.

First up is I have completed the entire layout of world 1. I can play from the beginning to the end boss on the easy path, medium path, and the hard path. This is very cool to see it all together. I had some bug fixes on the auto save that I had to fix as there were some exploits the player could have taken advantage of, but not anymore. These paths are going to be labeled stage 4 (hard path), stage 3 (medium path), and stage 2 (easy path). The different stages of cancer with the 4th being the hardest to beat.

Now that the layout is done this next week I will be designing the rooms. 25+ rooms will be carefully designed with puzzles, room hazards, and enemies. Then they will be randomly selected from every time you enter a room. This part is actually going to be fun. Also done are power ups and items. I have now finished the coding on power ups. You will find these “hidden” through out the game. Items that can increase you hearts (health), increase you stamina, give firecrackers, and give immunotherapy. They will be random drops in item rooms and can be found in secret rooms. Secret rooms will be finished when I design the rest of the rooms. There is one more power up (special attack) that I have planned and will code in the coming weeks.

Aside from that I fixed more bugs that got introduced with these enhancements. In this video I am showcasing the items and power ups. I have placed them in the first room so you can see them. I do not want to show any other room at this point as I do not want to spoil anything.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. With 700 views on the last blog you guys need to leave some thoughts for me!


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I enjoy these updates, it's nice to see such progress. :)  I cannot wait for a playable release. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Rutin. I should hopefully have it uploaded to TestFlight by next week.  Then the beta starts. 

Edited by SOS-CC

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