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Tower Defense Challenge - Part 8 - Tower Shooting & Range Detect (Programming)



Part 8 of the GameDev.net Tower Defense Challenge:

I've been up early this morning attempting to finish this project. I have the following done today.

- Tower range collision zones with check lists

- Towers can shoot and the shot will go towards the point which triggered the action (These shots do not follow, they release towards the point of contact)


With this done, now I just need to get a wave loaded, and tower shooting for more than one enemy.

I'm hoping I can finish this! I believe it's due before July 7th - so by midnight... Not sure what time zone as it's 1:54 PM now, and I'm running out of time. I'll be cutting back on features but it's still a stretch!

Added: More than one tower shooting, plus mazing, see comments. :) 


If you missed Part 7, check it out.



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I just finished multi-tower shooting, and shots now collide with the creatures and vanish. :)  One step closer! I will offset the positions after to come from the orb tops. :) 

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Got the maze working too now. :) 


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Just now, Awoken said:

Looking gooood...

Just working on repeating shots now with a timer. :) Once this is done then I just need to create the portal and buffer zone for spawns. The exit spot is already done, just gotta add in 'lives'. Then gold for kills and upgrades. Lastly the effects but I'll have to slim it down because I have only until UTC -12 to finish which is 6 AM my time to finish :D 

I'm working like a mad man though! Bit hard considering I'm programming it all from scratch, no engine. :D 

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