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Tower Defense Challenge - Part 9 - Wave Test with HP Bars



Part 9 of the GameDev.net Tower Defense Challenge:

I had to step away for a bit since my last update, but I've completed the basic framework for the game now. Below is a GIF of a sample wave. Keep in mind some of the shots wont be seen because when the creature is directly next to the tower (left up down right) hit happens so fast it doesn't display, but still happens. I will be making a hit animation so the play will at least know it has happen. I also have health bars. :) 

For this test each shot does 10 HP, and every creature has 100 HP.


(In my current version the creatures don't display until they're ready to move :) In the below they're stacked because I didn't have my toggle on for visibility).


Now I need to do the following:

1. Make orbs for each tower, and very basic animation showing hit was done. - little amount of time needed

2. Program in DoT, Rapid Shoot, Slow, Stun, and AoE (I might not bother with this and just put in Slow Shot but big DMG due to time) - little amount of time needed (Already programmed in the feature, just need to enable to the effect on the creatures based on their types)

3. Add in Upgrades (For now I'll just do DMG++ as I'm pushed for time) - little amount of time needed (already programmed for towers, just need to add  a ++ feature to connect to upgrade menu)

4. GUI Top Menu (I haven't shown the top menu yet, but it's there and doesn't update yet)  - little amount of time needed

5. Gold Drop per kill, and proper buy and upgrade, sell menu - little amount of time needed

6. Config all 20 waves with boss wave + Wave Starter  - most amount of time needed

7. Main Menu - little amount of time needed

8. Sound - little amount of time needed

--- Beyond this I'll do some touch ups if I have time. The main thing is that my entire engine is programmed with all the functions needed to run a tower defence game like this. :) 

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! ;) 

If you missed Part 8, check it out.




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